DJ Sapphire Knight


Place of residence: Seattle, Washington

Favorite Genre of Music: Techno, Remixes and Dubstep

A bit about myself: I am a laid back, easy going guy.  I like all sorts of things, but the thing I love the most is my music.  Any kind of music will do.  I like everything under the sun and then some.  There is not a day that goes by the I do not listen to some kind of music.  I like Techno and remixes and Dubstep the most.  (LOVE the bass!!)  I also have a super green thumb. ie. I can grow almost anything where things should not grow.  Like a peach tree in Seattle.

I am also a geek and a gamer. I do love my video games.  I own a wide variety of games and I like to play them when I have time.  Other than that, I DJ and I plant things. 

My current projects are remodeling my house and building my playlist up to a respectable 5 million songs by the end of the year 2013.  (Although I don't know if I am going to make it)  Anyways, Enough about me.  If you like my music style, Listen in to my shows!!

I am on from 4pm - 8pm Thursday and Friday and from 8pm - midnight on Sundays.  (All times are East Coast times)